This is why I have been MIA…

Sorry for not blogging lately, I admit I’m horrible at it but I want to show you why I have been MIA for a while, first I will start out with the weddings, I had 3 weddings back to back in May, One wedding in June and more at the end of the year but this is what I have so far!

Chet and Madison Lyndon 05/14/11

Flowers by:: Amy Norville at The Flower Pot in Wilson, NC

Travis and Erin Bass 05/21/11

Aleah and Justin Darnell 05/28/11

Coury and Brian Stolarik 06/29/11

Coury’s bridal portrait and more below!

Ok now that we go through the weddings from the beginning of the summer, I want to share personal info. For my birthday, Phillip didn’t know what to get me but I have been talking about going on the Showit Pass Tour to see a few of my favorite photographers and graphic designer. Well he got me ticket’s to see them AHHHHHHHHHHH I was sooooo excited!!! Phillip and I took a roadtrip to D.C. for a day to listen to the fabulous people who have been touring the U.S.

David Jay

 Promise Tangeman-Wurzell:: I was star struck when I talked to her and her husband, I’m sure Phillip was laughing at me

Gray Photography!!

JULY 1, 2011

was a very special day for me and Phillip, we went to the beach for the weekend and when we got there we decided to hang out on the beach for a while before the sun went down. Phillip runs up to the house and comes back with something in his hand…… it was a ring, he said somethings and asked me to marry him…

I mean 6 years later, I said “yes” of course!

This was hours after, we forgot to take a picture before